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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Feb 8, 2019

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Q. Can my family do Keto with me? (wife, husband, kids)

Moderate protein, high fat, and veggie way of eating should be baseline. However any child under the age of 16 should not be put in Keto. Add sweet potato, red potato, quinoa, black beans, lentils, or whole grain bread. This makes a healthy meal for kids or others not ready to do Keto.

Other questions answered in this Podcast Episode:

Q. Can you do Keto for Arthritis?

Q. Can you do Keto with Hypothyroidism?

Q. Can you do Keto with Adrenal Fatigue?

Q. Can you do Keto if you have a tendency to binge eat?

Q. Can you do Keto if you are nursing?


Tune in so you can hear the answers to all of these questions, including a MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE at the end to help you want to make CHANGE in your life.