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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Jul 31, 2014

Everyone you talk to is a busy person. Everyone you talk to can make every excuse in the world not to live a healthy lifestyle. 

"I'm too busy."

"I don't have time."

"I don't know how."

"I already tried and it didn't work."

No matter what "obstacle" you have, use this process to set yourself up for success as you begin...

Jul 29, 2014

Have you heard the arguments about HIIT vs. Low Intensity and Steady-State Cardio? Which is more effective for burining fat? What's the science of it all? Listen to Kristy Jo discuss the benefits of both and how to strategize them to best reach your goals! Check out her website for custom workouts and fitness coaching!

Jul 27, 2014

Join Travis Brady, CPT, Nutritionist, and Life Coach as he and Kristy Jo discuss emotions and approaches to transformations that they see in their clients. Learn tactics and strategies that will help YOU better take control of your own life throgh their discussion!

Jul 24, 2014

Your mind and emotions can be your #1 obstacle as you seek to make healthy lifestyle changes. Learn to reframe your negative thoughts, learn how to look at your journey, and get fired up again about what you're doing in your life through this episode!

Jul 23, 2014

As a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, Gwen Coleman shares with us insight into the way carbohydrates work in the body, impacting those with diabetes as well as those who may be at risk for diabetes. The Power Foods Lifestyle helps diabetes patients manage their diabetes, and works as a preventative measure...